sending sms from java web app using aws sns


A user will create an account on my web app. The app will need to authenticate the user by sending a text message to the mobile phone number that the user provides. The text message is a short unique code, which the user will need to type in to the web browser in order for the app to authenticate the user.

How can I configure Amazon AWS SNS for this use case?

From what I have read, SNS works by the webmaster selecting a topic and then each user subscribes to that topic. Then the webmaster sends messages broadcast style to all the subscribers to the topic. This would not meet my requirements of sending a unique message to each user. Alternatively, creating a separate topic for every phone number would be too cumbersome, not to mention creating security issues with respect to protecting the privacy of all the phone numbers.

Can Amazon AWS SNS be configured for this use case? If so, how?

I am using Java.


SNS topics are only nedded when you need to send a SMS message to multiple mobile numbers. If you want to send a SMS message to a single number you can use the Amazon AWS SDK.

Docs are available at

Example code:

Remember to create an user on IAM console adding a permission to access the SNS Service. You need to add AmazonSNSFullAccess role.

Replace YOUR_Client_ID and YOUR_Client_secret with user credentials you have created.

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