Set order of columns in DynamoDB table of AWS


I’m newbie on Amazon web services cloud. I’m trying to store my data to aws DynamoDB table. I have created table into DynamoDB using python script. Please show below snapshot.


In the table, order of columns doesn’t showing according to my requirements. I want to order of columns something like,

So, how to set columns according to my requirements?

my pythons put item code:

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

P.S: Sorry for my poor english.


Amazon DynamoDB is a NoSQL database. It does not use the concept of columns. This is because each item (row) can have different data. The management console attempts to show the data in columns to make it easier for us humans to read.

When retrieving data from DynamoDB, you can request specific keys (eg Name), or you can receive a JSON object from which you can parse the necessary information based on the Key and Value.

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