Setting up SonarQube on AWS using EC2


Trying to setup SonarQube on EC2 using what should be basic install settings.

  1. List item
  2. Setup a standard EC2 AWS LINUX Ami attached to M4 large
  3. SSH into EC2 instance
  4. Install JAVA
  5. Set to use JAVA8
  6. wget
  7. unzip into the /etc dir
  8. run sudo ./ start
  9. Instance starts

But when I try to go to the app it never comes up when I try either the IPv4 Public IP (ex not real IP) or try (not real IP either just for example)

Perhaps it is my ignorance or me not configuring something correctly as it pertains to the initial EC2 setup.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


Issue was that SonarQube default port is 9000. and by default this port is not open in the security group if you dont apply the default security group in which all the ports are open(which is Not recommended).

As suggested in comment @Issac, opened the 9000 port to allow incoming request to SonarQube, in AWS security group setting of instance. Which solved the issue.

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