Specifying Glue::Crawler with JdbcTargets on CloudFormation


I’m trying to set up AWS Glue to read from a RDS Postgres using CloudFormation. In order to do that I need to create a crawler using the JdbcTarget option. (Or do I not?)

But creating the stack on CloudFormation wil fail with:

CREATE_FAILED | AWS::Glue::Crawler | Records | Connection name cannot be equal to null or empty. (Service: AWSGlue; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidInputException;

Even though the docs say:


The name of the connection to use for the JDBC target.

Required: No

What is the correct AWS Glue setup using CloudFormation that will allow me to read from RDS?


You’re really missing the ConnectionName property, which should carry the name of connection resource which you’re missing. The Path property you’re setting is used to select the schemas/tables to crawl (dbname/%/% to include all). Consult CloudFormation docs on Crawler JDBCTarget for details.

Your template should look something like

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