Spring Boot and AWS RDS Read Replica


Here I am trying to achieve the below in AWS RDS. I have a MySQL database instance running. I am thinking of creating a read replica so that I will have some extra load sharing capabilities.

I have a Spring Boot application running on EC2. Currently the way I connect to the database is by adding the below properties in the application.yml:

My question is:

  • If I create a read replica, do I need to write some special code to connect to it?
  • Do I need multiple connection pools one for each instance of the database?
  • How is this scalable from code perspective, if I have 5 read replicas, how do I manage this in code?
  • How do I direct my database calls to different replicas? What is the basis of this decision?

If there is any link/video/documentation you can point me to. Spring boot is not a necessity, I need to understand what is a good way to utilize my read replicas from a Java application.



If we use spring-cloud-aws-jdbc

Point 1
How to connect to Main and read replica instances

Point 2

No Need to define a separate connection pool

Point 3

Spring Cloud AWS will search for any read-replica that is created for the master database and route the read-only transactions to one of the read-replicas that are available.

Point 4

You can redirect read transactions by

You can find a working example and details explanation here

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