Start week on monday in AWS Quicksight


I know I can change the date field granularity to week in AWS Quicksight, and I can also display the date by week number. But as far as I understand, Quicksight defines the start of a week on Sunday, and I need it to be Monday.

Is there any way to start the week on Monday in AWS Quicksight?


Here is a formula for a calculated field you can add that will group your dates by weeks starting on Mondays. You should be able just replace {date_date} with your field name and copy/paste this into the formula box (including the newlines) and it will do the trick.

This field will equal the Monday that starts the week your date falls into.

You can put this all in one line but I added the line breaks for readability.

It essentials checks if the date is on a Sunday, and moves it to the previous week and then just adds a day to the normal trunc function so that the weeks begin on Monday.

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