Stubbing AWS S3 object request


I’m trying to stub out a request to get an object in a AWS bucket. I’ve read their docs about stubbing requests and was only able to stub out a bucket, not an object. Here are somethings I’ve tried:

Stubbing through the AWS config:

While that got the bucket, it did not give me the object. Calling s3.buckets would list the bucket, but s3.objects would be empty.

Stubbing through webmock gem:

This still doesn’t seem to work. Calling bucket.objects still returns an empty collection.

The code in my controller I want to test:

The goal is I want to make sure my view shows the links to the objects in my @file variable and I want to test that link. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m new to developing with AWS S3 and googlge haven’t been much help. I’m using the aws-sdk-s3 gem to work with AWS S3.


Figured it out. I also needed to stub out the #list_objects method in order to get the objects. The final stub would look something like this:

Now if I do s3.buckets.first.objects.first I would get back the stubbed object.

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