Synthesize more than 1500 characters using AWS Polly?


My idea was to use AWS Polly to read aloud some news from an RSS feed. As per this link I understand that Polly is very flexible in terms of characters to be converted as one of the examples is "Adventures of Huckelberry Finn" by Mark Twain ~600k characters
The problem is that when I try to convert my articles to speech I am getting the following error:

The text I was trying to convert was about 5000 characters.

Is there any way (with or without the API) to convert long strings of text with Polly without having to cut them into million different pieces?

Any tip in the right direction will be appreciated,



The size of the input text can be up to 1500 billed characters (3000 total characters). SSML tags are not counted as billed characters.

The pricing examples seem to be intended to give a sense of the relatively low cost of voicing a large work, but the work would actually need to be divided into groups of sentences and submitted to the API, which is the only interface — the SDKs and CLI call the same SynthesizeSpeech API.

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