Terraform: Attaching an unmanaged IAM role


Terraform version: 12

We have a legacy, unmanaged by Terraform IAM role that I’d like to reference from an aws_iam_policy_attachment block and I attempted the following:

Dry-run works fine but when applying TF says:

– ValidationError: The specified value for roleName is invalid. It must contain only alphanumeric characters and/or the following: +=,.@_-

Is there a way I can just reference the unmanaged role without defining it in TF? Or is there some non-destructive way of declaring it that doesn’t change anything to do with the unmanaged role?


In your roles, you are providing role ARN, not role name.

Therefore, instead of ARN, you should use its name:

You can also use data_source

and the reference it in your resource:

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