Unable to delete S3 bucket


I created a s3 bucket using console, while configuration I removed the default selected user. Now when I am trying to delete the bucket using console it says access denied.
I understand I should have removed the user. However when I click on bucket name in permission it show owner: myUserName and bucket policy: no
How can I delete it?
As I understand there is owner but there is no permission to owner as I removed it while configuration.


You can try this in 2 ways:

First(Recommended): Delete the bucket policy and delete the bucket.

Second: Follow these steps

  1. Create a new Bucket(Do not change anything, keep default).
  2. Go to S3 console where all buckets are listed.
  3. Select newly created bucket.
  4. Click on permissions.
  5. Copy the account id under owner access section.
  6. Go to permissions of old bucket.
  7. Add account using the copied account id.
  8. Now try deleting it.

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