Unable to play mp4 video uploaded to AWS S3 using pre-signed URL


I’m uploading a mp4 video to AWS S3 using a pre-signed URL, the upload succeeds but when I try to download the video from S3 and play it in a media player (VLC or quickTime), it doesn’t play!.

Generated pre-signed URL works fine with mp3 but the same problem as above also occurs for WAV and FLAC.

Code to generate the pre-signed url:

After I get the pre-signed URL from the method above, I make a HTTP PUT request from Postman with the multipart/form-data in the request body like this:

pre-signed url looks like this:

I tried to set the content type to mp4 in the getPreSignedS3Url() method using generatePresignedUrlRequest.setContentType( "video/mp4" ); and add Content-Type : "video/mp4" in the HTTP PUT request header but it didn’t work and it fails with an error Signature doesn't match.

I’m using S3 as my personal back-up hard-drive, I expect to upload video and audio files to S3 using a pre-signed URL, download them at some point in the future and be able to play them, but I’m unable to play them after I have downloaded them.

Does anyone know what could be causing this?


PUT requests to S3 don’t support multipart/form-data. The request body needs to contain nothing but the binary object data. If you download your existing file from S3 and open it with a text editor, you’ll find that S3 has preserved the multipart form structure inside the file, instead of interpreting it as a wrapper for the actual payload.

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