Unable to start Tomcat server instance


I am trying to run a project, but till now can’t get it work properly.
The database connection string is a JVM parameter in the tomcat server instance startup towards AWS amazon web server.

but when I try to run it I get these errors

I have Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers Kepler Service Release 1 running on MAC os and Tomcat v7.
I am trying to check the functionalities of an already created project using DJDBC_CONNECTION_STRING.
It is the first time for me to check a web service, so I am not sure what else needed to make the connection!

It is a new instance I have just created after downloading Tomcat v7, using
Preferences -> Server -> Installed Runtimes to create a Tomcat installed runtime, then I added a new server and pointed the the installation directory to the downloaded source. I’m still not sure about the JRE library (I have two options default and javase6); I tried both but with same result.


You need to set:
“Use Tomcat installation (take control of Tomcat installation)”

enter image description here

If Server Location is disable follow the instruction of this answer:

  1. Right click on my tomcat server in “Servers” view, select
  2. In the “General” panel, click on the “Switch Location” button.
  3. The “Location: [workspace metadata]” bit should have been
    replaced by something else.
  4. Open (or close and reopen) the Overview
    screen for the server.

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