Unable to upload a file from sagemaker notebook to S3


I am attempting to upload my cleaned (and split data using kfold) to s3 so that I can use sagemaker to create a model using it (since sagemaker wants an s3 file with training and test data). However, whenever I attempt to upload the csv to s3 it runs but I don’t see the file in s3.

I have tried changing which folder I access in sagemaker, or trying to upload different types of files none of which work. In addition, I have tried the approaches in similar Stack Overflow posts without success.

Also note that I am able to manually upload my csv to s3, just not through sagemaker automatically.

The code below is what I currently have to upload to s3, which I have copied directly from AWS documentation for file uploading using sagemaker.

I expect that when I run that code snippet, I am able to upload the training and test data to the folder I want for use in creating sagemaker models.


I always upload files from Sagemaker notebook instance to S3 using this code. This will upload all the specified folder’s contents to S3. Alternatively, you can specify a single file to upload.

I hope this helps!

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