Uploading to Amazon S3 Services from iPhone App


I am pulling my hair out on this one… I am using the ASIHTTPRequest (http://allseeing-i.com/ASIHTTPRequest/) wrapper library for accessing Amazon S3 storage. I am able to connect just fine and grab a listing of buckets without any problems. My frustration is with trying to UPLOAD (PUT and/or POST) a new object (a photo) to an existing bucket. I am following Amazon’s documentation to the letter, (at least I think I am.) but nothing seems to work.

Please, someone help me before I jump out of a window. I don’t want to die. 🙁

Thanks in advance for ANY help I can get.



Here is a basic example using PUT. Obviously you should be using a queue rather than a synchronous request in the real world.

If you change the amz headers, don’t forget to update ‘canonicalizedAmzHeaders’ as per Amazon’s instructions.

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