Using an AWS ELB behind Varnish – is it possible?


I’m trying to put a set of EC2 instances behind a couple of Varnish servers. Our Varnish configuration very seldom changes (once or twice a year) but we are always adding/removing/replacing web backends for all kinds of reasons (updates, problems, load spikes). This creates problems because we always have to update our Varnish configuration, which has led to mistakes and heartbreak.

What I would like to do is manage the set of backend servers simply by adding or removing them from an Elastic Load Balancer. I’ve tried specifying the ELB endpoint as a backend, but I get this error:

The only consistent public interface ELB provides is its DNS name. The set of IP addresses this DNS name resolves to changes over time and with load.

In this case I would rather NOT specify one exact address – I would like to round-robin between whatever comes back from the DNS. Is this possible? Or could someone suggest another solution that would accomplish the same thing?



You could use a NGINX web server to deal with the CNAME resolution problem:

You have a configuration example in this post:


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