Using IDE on AWS EC2


I want to use Spyder (or similar IDE) with the Python of my AWS EC2 instance (instead of my local laptop).

What is the procedure to follow?

Now I am copy-pasting code in the console, and it is not convenient.
I use Ubuntu.


You can try Eclipse (its Python IDE is PyDev), along with the Remote System Explorer plugin which, I believe, is included by default.

For instructions specific to Amazon AWS, see this blog.

During that process, you may have to create a new ‘parent profile’, that is not mentioned in that blog.

Also, once the connection is all set up, you can create a remote file from within your local eclipse’s RSE but any edits to make to a file (newly created or already existing remotely) may not be reflected in the remote system by default – they are instead stored locally under RemoteSystemsTempFiles. So, you would have to ‘Export From Project’ and select the locally edited file(s) that you want reflected on the remote system.

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