What impact does the size of SampleCount have on my metrics?


Reading this doc and its not clear to me what the impact of sampleCount is on my custom metrics I send as a statistical set.

For example this:

The SampleCount is 3, but cloudwatch doesn’t have the actual points it just has the min,max,sum.

So what if I put 10 for SampleCount or even 10000, what difference does that make?


This CloudWatch metric has several values (minimum, maximum, sum, average, sampleCount, value) that you calculate and use in your own analysis of the published CloudWatch data.

You can set sampleCount to any value that you want but then your average and sum values will not make sense.

In summary, sampleCount is just one of several values that together define the statistics of your system.

This document might help clarify the meaning of each statistic:

Amazon CloudWatch Concepts

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