Where to read AWS DLM (Data Lifecycle Management) error details


I created a snapshot lifecycle policy and it reached “DLM Policy State Change” state = Error.
I cannot find where to read the event with error details (cause of the failure).

I have tried cloudwatch and created a Rule, it triggered the rule but still no event details.


I am having the same problem, my data lifecycle manager throws an Error, and I have no idea how to get it.

What I did:

Go to your CloudTrail Event History and filter by Username DataLifecycleManager.

Depending on your region, the URL should be something like:


Then you will see a list of all the DataLifecycleManager events.

The ones interesting are Event name CreateSnapshot for Resource Type EC2 Volume.

Open one and click the button “View event”.

Just for the record, I was having an error:

“Duplicate tag key ‘Name’ specified.”

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