Why is my terminal returning this s3 error?


Here’s the error I keep receiving:

I’ve triple-checked my credentials and googled this error to my wits’ end. I edited my bucket policy to add an s3:ListBucket action, but to no avail. When I do so, it just returns a similar message:

Thoughts? This is also my first time creating an s3 bucket so it’s quite possible I missed some important step.

I have triple-checked my keys and even tried creating an additional user (editing the bucket permissions to allow for authenticated users). Always returns the same error.

Any help or insight would be very, very much appreciated. Thank you!


I found this question after I was getting the same (2nd) error as you:

It turns out that there is a specific policy permission that you need to add to be able to list all the available buckets:

As you don’t state which command you were running to generate the error, I can’t say whether this will be helpful to the OP, but hopefully it will help someone else who stumbles upon this post in the same situation as me.

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