Will Cognito User Pools support internationalization?


We are very excited about the new Cognito User Pools. But it looks like that there is no way to support multiple languages in messages.

For example a User from Germany should get a verification message in German while a user from New Zealand should get it in English.

Without internationalization nobody could use Cognito User Pools outside of English speaking countries.

Will this be a feature in the final release on Cognito User Pools?


You can use the Lambda Triggers functionality with Cognito User pools to customize the messages that are sent to your users.

The Custom Message Lambda Trigger sends you an event source which can help you identify a particular user pool or user and then return the service a message template which will be used when sending SMS or Email message. It should conform to the contract of including {####} as code parameter.

In you specific case, to identify users from a particular country you can create a Custom Attribute in your user pool for source country. In each SignUp call you can set that value and the service will send that value to your lambda function.

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