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Azure Pipeline Part 6 – Task

Azure Pipeline Part 6 – Task

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Today we are going to discuss smallest unit of execution in an Azure pipeline, i.e., tasks. You can imagine task as pre-configured script that you can reuse any numbers of times in your Azure pipeline. Microsoft Azure provides a set of built-in tasks to perform most common types of activity through your pipeline, or you can create a custom task of your own. Task also supports versioning and you can call a specific version of task in your Azure pipeline.

Next, we are going to create an Azure pipeline that uses some built-in tasks. We will first create some files and directories, then archive those files and directories, then extract the archived files and directories and finally list the files using multiple built-in tasks.

Azure Pipeline Part 6 – Task



Azure Pipeline – Task:

Task are pre-configured scripts that you can use in your Azure pipelines to achieve different tasks.

Azure Pipeline – Task syntax:

Azure Pipeline – Task example:

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