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Boto3 Clients

Boto3 clients

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In the last blog post, we have discussed boto3 resources.

In this blog post, we will discuss boto3 clients.

What are clients?

Clients provide a low-level interface to AWS whose methods map close to 1:1 with service APIs. All service operations are supported by clients. Clients are generated from a JSON service definition file.

Client components:

  • Service Operations: Service operations map to client methods of the same name and provide access to the same operation parameters via keyword arguments.
  • Service Responses: Responses are returned as python dictionaries. It is up to you to traverse or otherwise process the response for the data you need, keeping in mind that responses may not always include all of the expected data.
  • Service Waiters: Waiters use a client’s service operations to poll the status of an AWS resource and suspend execution until the AWS resource reaches the state that the waiter is polling for or a failure occurs while polling.

Let us explain the different component of a client with a demo.

Prerequisites for this demo:

  • One EC2 AWS Linux 2 instance with boto3 installed and configured.


Hope you have enjoyed this article. In the next blog post, we will create a LAMP stack in AWS using Python Boto3.

To get more details on Python Boto3, please refer below AWS documentation


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