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Elastic IP Address

Elastic IP address

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In the last blog post, we have discussed the Security Group.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the Elastic IP addresses.

Elastic IP addresses

Elastic IP address is a public IP4 address used to connect an instance over the internet. When we create an instance, AWS provides one public IP address and one private IP address to our instance. But the public IP address is not static and could be changed if the instance is stopped or rebooted.

We can use Elastic IP addresses to get a static public IP4 address that is not dependent upon instance state. This is particularly useful where we need a fixed public IP address for our application.

Elastic IP address features

  • AWS currently provides only IP4 elastic IP addresses.
  • An Elastic IP address is for use in a specific region only.
  • In order to use an Elastic IP address with an instance, we need to create the Elastic IP address first. Once Elastic IP address is created we can assign it to an instance.
  • If the instance already have one public IP address and we assign an Elastic IP address to it, the existing public IP address will be released to AWS public IP pool.
  • If the instance already has one public IP address and we assign an Elastic IP address to it, the public DNS hostname will be changed to accommodate the new IP address
  • We cannot convert a public IP address to an Elastic IP address
  • Elastic IP address can be disassociated from an instance and associated with another instance.
  • A disassociated Elastic IP address remains allocated to your account until we explicitly release it.
  • Association and disassociation of Elastic IP address to an instance is a dynamic operation and does not impact the existing connections. However, it’s recommended to refresh the app connection if you change IP address.
  • Elastic IP address is free of charge if it’s associated with an instance. However, if Elastic IP address is not used by any instance then charges will apply.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post. In the next blog, we are going to create our 1st Elastic IP address and associate it with a running instance.

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