Ansible: create a user with sudo privileges


I have taken over a Ubuntu 14.04 server. It has a user called “deployer” (used with capistrano), and as such, it needs sudo privileges. With this setup, I can log into the server and do stuff like:

I am trying to figure out how to use Ansible (version and python 2.7.3) to create a user called “deployer” and be able to log into the server with that id and then so sudo-ish things like “apt-get install”. My playbook looks like this:

After running this playbook, I am able to ssh into the machine as “deployer”, (e.g. ssh deployer@myserver) but if I run a sudo command, it always asks me for my sudo password.

I understand that the “deployer” user ultimately has to find its way into the visudo users file, but I cannot figure out which magical Ansible incantations to invoke so that I can ssh into the machine as deployer and then run a sudo command (e.g. sudo apt-get install git”) without being prompted for a sudo password.

I have searched high and low, and I can’t seem to find an Ansible playbook fragment which puts the user “deployer” into the sudo group without requiring a password. How is this done?


Sometimes it’s knowing what to ask. I didn’t know as I am a developer who has taken on some DevOps work.

Apparently ‘passwordless’ or NOPASSWD login is a thing which you need to put in the /etc/sudoers file.

The Ansible playbook code fragment looks like this from my problem:

And the best part is that the solution is idempotent. It doesn’t add the line

to /etc/sudoers when the playbook is run a subsequent time. And yes…I was able to ssh into the server as “deployer” and run sudo commands without having to give a password.

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