Ansible Ignore errors in tasks and fail at end of the playbook if any tasks had errors


I am learning Ansible. I have a playbook to clean up resources, and I want the playbook to ignore every error and keep going on till the end , and then fail at the end if there were errors.

I can ignore errors with

If it was one task, I could do something like ( from ansible error catching)

How do I fail at the end ? I have several tasks, what would my “When” condition be?


Use Fail module.

  1. Use ignore_errors with every task that you need to ignore in case of errors.
  2. Set a flag (say, result = false) whenever there is a failure in any task execution
  3. At the end of the playbook, check if flag is set, and depending on that, fail the execution


Use register to store the result of a task like you have shown in your example. Then, use a task like this:

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