Ansible, role not found error


I try to play following playbook against localhost to provision Vagrant machine

I have cloned necessary roles from github and they resides in a relative path roles/{role name}

Executing following command: ansible-playbook -i "localhost," -c local playbook.yml outputs this error:

I cloned the missing dependency from github, and tried to reside it in relative path of roles/java and roles/geerlingguy/java, but either didn’t solve the problem, and error stays the same.

I want to keep all roles locally in the synced provisioning folder, without using ansible-galaxy runtime, to make the provisioning method as self contained as possible.

Here is the provision folder structure as it is now


You should install or clone all required roles in the /roles folder (or in the system folder)

should fix this specific problem.

However, the best practice should be the use of a requirements.yml file where you require all the needed roles and then install them with ansible-galaxy directly in your playbook.

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