ansible – unarchive – input file not found


I’m getting this error while Ansible (1.9.2) is trying to unpack the file.

I checked on the target server, /tmp/apache-jmeter-2.13.tgz file exists and it has valid permissions (for testing I also gave 777 even though not reqd but still got the above error mesg).

I also checked md5sum of this file (compared it with what’s there on the apache jmeter site) — It matches!

When I’m using tar -xvzf on this file, tar is able to show/extract it’s contents in the .tgz file.

What could I be missing? At this point, I’m wondering unarchive method/module in Ansible must have some bug.

My last resort (if I can’t get unarchive in Ansible to work) would be to use Command: “tar -xzvf /tmp/…..” but I don’t want to do that as my first preference.


The default behavior for Unarchive is to find the file on your local system, copy it to the remote, and unpack it. I suspect if you’re getting a file not found error then you need to specify copy=no in your task.

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