Ansible “when variable == true” not behaving as expected


I have the following tasks in a playbook I’m writing (results listed next to the debug statement in <>):

And I’m running it with the following command:

The first include runs, but the second skips with this output:

I’m under the impression that the conditional check should pass for all of them as force_install == true evaluates to true which should make the whole when evaluate to true (since it’s a series of ‘OR’s).

How do I get the when to run when the variables are set appropriately?


Changing the second when for the Install NRPE include to the following works, but doesn’t explain why the other one, Run the prep runs appropriately:


Also working:

Not working:

The truncated (duplicates removed) output of that particular section of the play is:


You need to convert the variable to a boolean:

I don’t claim I understand the logic behind it. In python any non-empty string should be truthy. But when directly used in a condition it evaluates to false.

The bool filter then again interprets the strings 'yes', 'on', '1', 'true' (case-insensitive) and 1 as true (see source). Any other string is false.

You might want to also set a default value in case force_install is not defined, since it would result in an undefined variable error:

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