Append list variable to another list in Ansible


is it possible to append a variable list to a static list in ansible?

I can define the whole list as a variable:

and then use it in a playbook as

But I cannot seem to find how to do this (pseudo code):

and then in the playbook:

If that is in fact impossible, what would you suggest for my use case?

I have a list of items in a parameter, but some of them are optional and should be modifiable using variables.

In other words: I have default values + optional values that could or could not be added via variables.

The optional values are not known in advance, I could add 1, 2 or 100 of them, so they are not static.

I basically have a default static list ++ a configurable variable list to append.

I found this but it’s only for with_items and I need it in a normal parameter:


If you really want to append to content, you will need to use the set_fact module. But if you just want to use the merged lists it is as easy as this:

With set_fact it would look like this:

NOTE: If you need to do additional operations on the concatenated lists be sure to group them like so:

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