Browse and display files in a git repo without cloning


Is there a way to browse and display files in a git repo without cloning it first? I can do those in svn using the commands:

I can supposedly use git show but doing:

result to


The command you want is git ls-remote which allows you to get some information about remote repositories, but you cant show history or list directories or anything of that level: essentially it only lets you see the remote objects at a very high-level (you can see the current HEADs and tags for example).

The only real way to do what you want (if I understand correctly) would be to use ssh to run a remote command and return the results, for example:

What you want would be lovely functionality if they could add it, but from what I read it’s not very easy since getting history etc needs a lot of information to be local to git, and at that point you may as well have done a git fetch.

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