git – Eclipse “Error: Could not find or load main class”


I have a project in eclipse on my laptop that I pushed to Git

It works fully on my laptop and runs/builds without a problem but on my desktop it doesn’t Eclipse gives the error

Error: Could not find or load the main class lastfmhistoryguis.InputPanel

I’ve tried building the project from:

But nothing happened. I’ve set the PATH variables on this computer to JRE6, JRE7 and JDK 1.7.0 even though these aren’t set on my laptop.

I did have Jar file ( that was in my .classpath file that was in C:\Users\Chris\Downloads folder on my laptop hence it wasn’t included in the git tree which I recently brought into the project folder and committed ,but I’m not sure whether I have done it right.
Would this also be causing a problem but there isn’t a main argument in there.

I can’t work out now, what I need to check/change.


In your classpath you’re using an absolute path but you’ve moved the project onto a new machine with quite possibly a different file structure.

In your classpath you should therefore (and probably in general if you’re gonna bundle JARS with your project), use relative pathing:

In your .classpath


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