git – How to squash commits which have merge-commit in between?


I am working on a feature branch.

  1. Made several commits. Squashed commits.
  2. Pushed changes to remote branch. Got conflicts.
  3. Merged changes from master, resolved conflicts on feature branch.
    • git fetch origin master
    • git merge FETCH_HEAD
    • Resolved conflicts manually.
    • git commit
    • git push
  4. I made one more commit.

So, current commit history looks like this.
From current to old:

  1. commit 3
  2. commit M yyy (Merged)
  3. commit 2

How do I squash above 3 commits into 1 before I merge my feature branch to master?


You can rebase -i starting with commit 2‘s parent (that is, the commit on master that you branched from. You’ll likely have to re-resolve conflicts when you get to the merge commit.

So if your history looks like

Start with git rebase -i A. You’ll see a list of commits including both master and your_branch, but not the merge commit. pick the first one (B or C, depending on timing) and squash the rest.

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