git push fails: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 411


I have only one branch. For a few months I have been using

to commit to my local repository. Last night after I made some minor changes to my local repository and tried to push using the same command, I got this error:

I googled and found questions such as this one and this one, but none of the answers to these questions solves my problem.

Most of the answers suggest the problem of detached head. Yet I don’t think my head is detached. Nor do I think I am on the wrong branch (as I only have one branch…)

I did a few experiments to figure out what’s wrong, and here are the results I got:

(1) First comes my git status output

(2) When I type git reflog, I can see all my local commits, but the remote repository just won’t get updated.

(3) When I type git branch -a, I get

(4) When I type git remote show origin, I get

I think the last line of output (the “fast-forwardable”) is weird, but I am not sure what is wrong…


If you attempt to push a large set of changes to a Git repository with HTTP or HTTPS, you may get an error message such as error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 411. This is caused by a Git configuration default which limits certain HTTP operations to 1 megabyte.

To change this limit run within your local repository

where bytes is the maximum number of bytes permitted. For example:

For 500MB (thanks @Hengjie)

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