git returns http error 407 from proxy after CONNECT


I have a problem while connecting to github from my PC, using git. System Win 7.

I have connection through proxy, so i specified it in git config files (both in general git folder, and in git repo folder). To do this i entered next line to my git bush:

The way it works on other programms (ex: maven) it looks like that:

But when i try to push or to clone my repo, i receive

I try already to enter not just my username but domain\username, changed my password in case there are problems with code language tables. And i even entered wrong password. Error stayed the same.

When i entered in ‘’ and tried to push repo, i received:

Just don’t know what to try.


What worked for me is something similar to what rohitmohta is proposing ; in regular DOS command prompt (not on git bash) :


and in some cases also


(I confirm it’s necessary : if set to true getting “SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate” error)

in my case, no need of defining all_proxy variable

and finally

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