How can I have Github on my own server?


Is there anything out there like Github that is for your own local server? I am curious if there is like a PHP script or even a desktop client that mimics Github’s functionality, I love Github but it would be nice to host on my own server.

Apologies if this isn’t considered “programming” enough but generally only programmers use GIT and Github


First of all thanks for all the great suggestions, it is great to see there are options out there. From what is posted here and from my googling I can say it looks like the best looking/most alike to Github solutions are coded in Ruby, which is great for some but I am a PHP kind of guy (for now).

Most of the PHP GIT viewers either are outdated and abandoned projects or they just look like crap ( I realize I could fix them up to be more like Github) but I ran across something in PHP that looks promising so far. It is called Glip it is on Github here and to me it is the most attractive and easy to use solution I have found for PHP so far. For the advanced Git user, it may not be enough but for me, I just wanted to be able to view a git repo and that provides that functionality.

Now my search still continues for the perfect solution, will I ever find it? I hope so but, for now, this is we got. I am considering writing my own, one that is attractive like Github and has other features like an Issue tracker for bug and feature requests. All the ones I have seen so far are not so good


There is GitHub Enterprise to satisfy your needs. And there is an open source “clone” of Github Enterprise.

PS: Now Github provides unlimited private repositories, bitbucket does the same. you can give a try to both. There are several other solutions as well.

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