How do I get logs/details of ansible-playbook module executions?


Say I execute the following.

I know for sure that it was successful.

Where/how do I see the “Hello World” echo’ed/printed by my script on the remote host (MyTestHost)? Or the return/exit code of script?

My research shows me it would be possible to write a plugin to intercept module execution callbacks or something on those lines and write a log file. I would prefer to not waste my time with that.

E.g. something like the stdout in below (note that I’m running ansible and not ansible-playbook):


If you pass the -v flag to ansible-playbook on the command line, you’ll see the stdout and stderr for each task executed:

Ansible also has built-in support for logging. Add the following lines to your ansible configuration file:

Ansible will look in several places for the config file:

  • ansible.cfg in the current directory where you ran ansible-playbook
  • ~/.ansible.cfg
  • /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

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