How to automatically install Ansible Galaxy roles?


All my Ansible playbooks/roles are checked in to my git repo.

However, for Ansible Galaxy roles I always have to explicitly download them one by one on every machine I want to run Ansible from.

It’s even tough to know in advance exactly which Ansible Galaxy roles are needed until Ansible complains about a missing role at runtime.

How is one supposed to manage the Ansible Galaxy role dependencies? I would like to either have them checked into my git repo along with the rest of my ansible code or have them automatically be identified and downloaded when I run Ansible on a new machine.


You should use a requirements.yml file for this use-case. Describe the roles you require, using any of a variety of install methods:

Then install them:

Here’s a working example (installing OpenDaylight using Ansible as a Vagrant provisioner). See the relevant Ansible docs for more info.

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