How to change ec2 instance type in aws?

The advance of being in the cloud is the elasticity that cloud provider provides when it comes to the scalability of resources and EC2 is no exception to this. You can change your EC2 instance type anytime as per your requirement. In order to change the EC2 instance type, you first need to stop your EC2 instance.

Step 1: Log in to AWS management console

Step 2: Navigate to EC2 service and select the EC2 instance that you want to change type.

Step 3: Stop the EC2 instance if not already stopped.
Click Instance state > Stop instance, to stop your EC2 instance.

Step 4: Click Actions > Instance settings > Change instance type

Step 5: From the drop-down, select the new instance type and click “Apply”

Step 6: Start the EC2 instance by clicking Instance state > Start instance

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