How to clone an AWS EC2 instance?

There is no clone feature available in AWS EC2 service. However, you can create an image of your EC2 instance and create a new instance out of that image. You can use the Amazon Machine Image (AMI) feature of EC2 service to create an image of your EC2 instance.

How to clone an AWS EC2 instance?

Step 1: Log in to your AWS management console.

Step 2: Navigate to EC2 service and select your EC2 instance.

Step 3: Click Actions > Image and templates > Create Image

Step 4: Provide name, description, reboot option, and tags for the image and click “Create Image”.

Step 5: AMI image is created, now you can launch a new EC2 instance from this AMI.

Note: You can also share this AMI with another AWS account or copy the AMI to a different region.

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    Andrés Castro M.

    Is data contained in the source instace also copied or only the operating system and associatted methadata?

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