how to specify user name in host file of ansible


I am using the host file as below,

I am using below command to execute “whoami” command in host

ansible by default trying to use user name in which I have logged in, i.e root instead of test user which I have specified in host file

It works fine when I try to pass the username in ansible cli command

But its not possible for me to pass username every time in CLI as different host uses different username. Also I don’t have a key pair generated for each host, because host machine keeps changing often

version used:


Create an ansible.cfg in your playbook directory or modify the “global” ansible.cfg

Note: Only 1 configuration file is processed. First one wins in the below list.

  • ANSIBLE_CONFIG (an environment variable)
  • ansible.cfg (in the current directory)
  • .ansible.cfg (in the home directory)
  • /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg

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