How to View Azure Advisor Recommendations That Matter to You: A Complete Guide

Azure Advisor is a personalized cloud consultant that helps you follow best practices to optimize your Azure deployments. In this guide, we will dive into the specific functionalities that allow you to view and filter Azure Advisor recommendations, ensuring that you only see the ones that matter to you.


Azure Advisor provides valuable recommendations to optimize your Azure deployments. However, it’s essential to focus on the recommendations that are most relevant to your needs. This guide will walk you through the process of configuring subscriptions, filtering views, dismissing, postponing, and reactivating recommendations in Azure Advisor.

Concepts Used in Viewing Azure Advisor Recommendations

1. Configuration of Subscriptions and Resource Groups

  • Select specific subscriptions and resource groups to receive recommendations.
  • Apply configuration settings to control what you see.

2. Filtering Views

  • Limit the view of recommendations for a single viewing.
  • Select specific subscriptions, resource types, and recommendation statuses.

3. Dismissing and Postponing Recommendations

  • Dismiss recommendations to hide them permanently.
  • Postpone recommendations to hide them temporarily.

Step by Step Guide to Viewing Azure Advisor Recommendations

Step 1: Configure Subscriptions and Resource Groups

  1. Open Azure Advisor in the Azure portal.
  2. Select Configuration from the menu.
  3. Check the box in the Include column for desired subscriptions or resource groups.
  4. Click Apply at the bottom after making changes.

Step 2: Filtering Your View in the Azure Portal

  1. Use the drop-downs at the top of the Advisor panel to select the Subscriptions, Resource Types, and recommendation status you want to see.

Step 3: Dismissing and Postponing Recommendations

Postpone or Dismiss a Single Recommendation

  1. Select a recommendation category to view your recommendations.
  2. Select a recommendation from the list.
  3. Select Postpone or Dismiss for the recommendation you want to postpone or dismiss.

Postpone or Dismiss Multiple Recommendations

  1. Select the checkbox at the left of the row for all resources you want to postpone or dismiss.
  2. Select Postpone or Dismiss at the top left of the table.

Step 4: Reactivate a Postponed or Dismissed Recommendation

  1. Change the filter on the Overview panel to Postponed to display postponed or dismissed recommendations.
  2. Select a recommendation from the list.
  3. Click on Activate at the end of the row to reactivate the recommendation.


Viewing and managing Azure Advisor recommendations that matter to you is a straightforward process. By configuring subscriptions, filtering views, and managing dismissed and postponed recommendations, you can create a personalized experience that aligns with your specific needs and goals.