In GitHub, is there a way to see all (recent) commits on all branches?


In GitHub, is there a way to see all recent commits on all branches. It would be best in reverse chronological order.

Maybe I’m snoopy, but I’d like to be able to see what my developers have been up to recently, at least in terms of commits to the repository on github. So far the closest I’ve seen is the network graph, which is certainly very useful


This is an old feature of GitHub but not really that intuitive.

Using the GitHub website:

  1. Click a project
  2. Click the ‘Insights’ tab (moved inside the Meatballs menu)
  3. Click ‘Network’
  4. Click on the ‘node/circle’ for each commit to go to that commit.

Diagram below.  

enter image description here
Diagram showing all commits in a GitHub project

Additionally, you can drag to the left to see all commits throughout time for all forks and branches

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