Missing sudo password in Ansible


Ansible asks for sudo password from following code, it tries to create a new postgres user.

Error message:

fatal: [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] => Missing sudo password



The remote_user that used to login to this machine is a non-root user, it has no password, and can only login using key auth.

For user postgres, this account doesn’t have the password as well, because the database was just installed.

Since I logged in as non-root user, of course it will ask for password when switch to postgress account in order to create database user. But it won’t be need for password if switch to postgres from root account. So, I wonder if there is a way to switch to root, and then switch to user postgres.

Note: the root account has no public key, no password, and cannot login from SSH.


Try with the option -kK. It will prompt for password.

  • -k, –ask-pass: ask for connection password
  • -K, –ask-become-pass: ask for privilege escalation password

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