How to enable script execution in PowerShell?

If you are getting an error like "execution of scripts is disabled on this system", that means script execution is disabled in your system using PowerShell execution policy. In order to enable script execution you need to…

How to get PowerShell version?

You can get PowerShell version information from $PSVersionTable system variable. Just open a new PowerShell session and type $PSVersionTable [crayon-62f3e0de4fcee151546323/]

How to install jq?

JQ is available in almost all modern operating systems and can be installed fairly easily in a couple of commands. In my view tools like jq, git should be included…

How to remove duplicate JSON data using jq?

You can use jq in-built function unique or unique_by() to remove duplicate entries from your JSON data. Below is an example for your reference - [crayon-62f3e0de50275829041089/]

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