Restore a deleted folder in a Git repo


I have deleted all the contents inside a folder and the folder is empty. I still had a copy in my remote repo. But when I did a git pull it didn’t put back the deleted files isn’t is supposed to do that?

So I did some research and saw that you can revert a file by doing
git checkout <revision> -- <name of file>

But that only works on files.

How can I retrieve all the files inside the directory?


Everything you can do with a file, you can do with a folder too.

Also note Find and restore a deleted file in a Git repository

Files are deleted from working tree but not committed yet:

If you have not yet indexed (git add) your changes you can revert content of a directory:

If the deletion is already indexed, you should reset that first:

Restore the full working tree (not a single folder), but lose all uncommitted changes

When files are deleted in some commit in the past:

Find the last commit that affected the given path. As the file isn’t in the HEAD commit, this commit must have deleted it.

Then checkout the version at the commit before, using the caret (^) symbol:

Restore the full working tree from a distant commit

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