Run an Ansible task only when the hostname contains a string


I have multiple tasks in a role as follows. I do not want to create another yml file to handle this task. I already have an include for the web servers, but a couple of our Perl servers require some web packages to be installed.

Host inventory file


Below should do the trick:

Note you’ll have a couple of skipped hosts during playbook run.

inventory_hostname is one of Ansible’s “magic” variables:

Additionally, inventory_hostname is the name of the hostname as
configured in Ansible’s inventory host file. This can be useful for
when you don’t want to rely on the discovered hostname
ansible_hostname or for other mysterious reasons. If you have a long
FQDN, inventory_hostname_short also contains the part up to the first
period, without the rest of the domain.

Source: Ansible Docs – Magic variables and how to access information about other hosts

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