Set remote_user for set of tasks in Ansible playbook without repeating it per task


I am creating a playbook which first creates a new username. I then want to run “moretasks.yml” as that new user that I just created. Currently, I’m setting remote_user for every task. Is there a way I can set it for the entire set of tasks once? I couldn’t seem to find examples of this, nor did any of my attempts to move remote_user around help.

Below is main.yml:



First of all you surely want to use sudo_user (remote user is the one that logs in, sudo_user is the one who executes the task).

In your case you want to execute the task as another user (the one previously created) just set:

and those tasks will be executed as {{ newuser }} (Don’t forget the quotes)

Remark: In most cases you should consider remote_user as a host parameter. It is the user that is allowed to login on the machine and that has sufficient rights to do things. For operational stuff you should use sudo / sudo_user

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