There is no tracking information for the current branch


I’ve been using github from a relatively short period, and I’ve always used the client to perform commits and pulls. I decided to try it from the git bash yesterday, and I successfully created a new repo and committed files.

Today I did changes to the repository from another computer, I’ve committed the changes and now I’m back home and performed a git pull to update my local version and I get this:

the only contributor to this repo is me and there are no branches (just a master). I’m on windows and I’ve performed the pull from git bash:

enter image description here

git status:

git branch:

What am I doing wrong?


You could specify what branch you want to pull:

Or you could set it up so that your local master branch tracks GitHub master branch as an upstream:

This branch tracking is set up for you automatically when you clone a repository (for the default branch only), but if you add a remote to an existing repository you have to set up the tracking yourself. Thankfully, the advice given by git makes that pretty easy to remember how to do.

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