View git log without merge commits


I’m trying to view commits made by a specific user, and want to remove any merges done by the user from the output. How can I do so?

I can check for the commits of a user using git log --author=<name>, but can’t remove the merge commits in the output.

PS: Merge conflicts do not happen in the workflow of the repo in question, all branches are rebased before merging into master so it is safe to remove the merge commits from the output, and similarly, two feature branches are not merged with one another raising the possiblity.



Additionally the --first-parent option may give useful result for you:

Follow only the first parent commit upon seeing a merge commit. This option can give a better overview when viewing the
evolution of a particular topic branch, because merges
into a topic branch tend to be only about adjusting to updated upstream from time to time, and this option allows you to
ignore the individual commits brought in to your
history by such a merge. Cannot be combined with –bisect.

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