Where can I get a list of Ansible pre-defined variables?


I see that Ansible provide some pre-defined variables that we can use in playbooks and template files. For example, the host IP address is ansible_eth0.ipv4.address. Googleing and searching the docs I couldn’t find a list of all available variables.
Would someone list them for me?


From the FAQ:

How do I see a list of all of the ansible_ variables?

Ansible by default gathers “facts” about the machines under management, and these facts can be accessed in playbooks and in templates. To see a list of all of the facts that are available about a machine, you can run the setup module as an ad hoc action:

This will print out a dictionary of all of the facts that are available for that particular host. You might want to pipe the output to a pager.This does NOT include inventory variables or internal ‘magic’ variables. See the next question if you need more than just ‘facts’.

Here is the output for my vagrant virtual machine called scdev:

The current documentation now has a complete chapter about Discovering variables: facts and magic variables.

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